GTC Tennis Consultancy & Academy
is a company specialized in the comprehensive development of children and young tennis players. Founded in 2006 by Gustavo Granitto; considered one of worldwide leading experts in Junior Development and High Performance. When we launched GTC, our main objective was to ensure through our programs a unique experience based on over 37 years of passion and expertise in this industry.


The four pillars behind our proposal are:

- Foundation and Development of players from 4-16 years

- High Performance

- Parent´s Orientation players

- Training and Coaching Education

Bearing in mind that tennis is a sport with open skills, we teach and train each skill according to the needs identified in each player. Certainly we can say we designed a progression for each identified need, whatever the level of play is.
Progressively increase the challenge and foster self-esteem are always present in our methodology. We believe in a long-term concept and to develop a passion for the sport that will last the players a lifetime.Our method is on service for the player, not the player is in the service of our method.

GTC Tennis Consultancy & Academy enjoys encouraging players to reach their maximum potential, and to assist parents to have a more effective relationship with their children players. We also enjoy retaining more Kids in our sport, and coaching Coaches to be more successful in all areas presented in their job.


GTC Tennis Consultancy
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